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Posted by - Rohit

I still remember the day I met this friend online and she asked me to write something. 'Just start once' she said. I wrote a poetry for which I did get some pat on the back. It then continued and then I started writing about my friends, about their lives and about how they paint their apparent monotonous routines with a lot of colour and laughter. And that is the reason, I connected with all of you.

You smiled when I felt you should have laughed, you laughed when I thought I would only make you smile; you cried when I thought I would only make you think, you believed when I said I did. Laughing at myself was never so enjoyable. To face tougher times and come out laughing was only possible because I had the encouragement from you, my readers, my friends.

But then, we all have to move, we all have a dream, a dream to live, to see a life that we all wished to be a part of and try towards achieving greater heights. Similarly, won't be updated for sometime and I don't know how much time would it take. For some time, you won't read about our escapades with soft porn, stories about those unreal job hunts nor would you find praises for my brothers in the south and the middle east. All of this is for a reason and the reason is that I have a story to tell.

I don't know if you would be able relate to the story I have in mind. But then I believe it's worth giving a good shot. It's better that I fail than regret not trying later. There is a high probability that I may fail, but the fear of failure would not change anything.

I would want to thank all my friends and family who have been around laughing to really not so funny jokes. People who have helped me edit my writings and taught me rudimentary principles about the language...also known as Grammar.

I will always miss making you guys laugh and at the same time I will miss pissing you off. But then, you guys have changed my life and I will be highly indebted to you guys for that.

I hope I do justice.

Thank you for everything.

P.S: If you guys think I'm protesting against LBT, well...I'm not.

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  1. Best Wishes for your next endeavor!!! Surely we will miss your blogs but I believe ready to do that for a book full of stuff...

  2. Oh no! We'll definitely miss your posts, brother! I wish you the very best with your new adventure. Of course, you already have a fan base who would buy your books anyway. Except me! ;) I need it for free else I'll make your account on (with special honeymoon package free on signup) :D

  3. "NAHIIIIIII .... Keh do ye jhooot haii ,... Tum aisa nahi karrr sakteee .. !! " ;)

    We are surely gonna miss Your - "New Flavour of the Month" Posts .. !
    But we are just awaiting a Lot more from " The Story .. " ,
    Best of Luck brother .. !

  4. Am gonna miss your misadventures and literary (Malayalee) spaghetti. But change is the law of nature, and it might be best to embrace it when the calling comes from one's heart.

    Or at least that's what helps me rationalize my own decision to embark on an experimentation phase of my own, letting go of so many things that aren't really broken in the first place! :D

    Cheers and wish you the best,