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Childhood by far is one of the most defining phases of our lives. These are the times and days one can look back to so as to stand steady once again and live with hope in an attempt towards resilience. This is the only time of our lives when we fearlessly take our chances without considering the risks, and most of all the only time when we realise our unadulterated passion towards our likings and things that we want to do and things that later on go on to define our being. I'm a teacher/ volunteer with a Social Organisation name MAD (Make A Difference) and every weekend, I spend 3 hrs teaching English to a class of 10 kids. I've been part of this cause since September and its been a life changing experience for me. Here we strive to give underprivileged children what they deserve. They deserve moments that they could look back on and the one that brings a smile upon their faces, they deserve that gush of confidence they need when they are down in some point of their life...they deserve, just like every other child, a good childhood. One free from too many restrictions, one which allows them to choose their canvas, one which doesn't reprimand them for drawing a yellow umbrella.

As an attempt towards making a difference in these children's lives, we have organised a camp for the kids, known as 'The Dream Camp'. It's a 3 day camp wherein we organise a lot of activities for the kids. We make them interact with people from different walks of life, one who can discuss their success stories with the kids and inspire them to dream. We let them choose their colours, let them choose their tools and we let them create. Such activities we believe would help them understand their likings and passions at an early age and give them a sense of direction in life.

I intend to write to all my readers right now, because we need to make this happen and I need your help. We need you all to understand the importance of such camps for the kids and the kind of moments it might create for them. They deserve a good childhood, the kind of childhood that most of us lived or even better from what we've seen. I believe in this cause and as a result I have made a donation and also am working towards raising funds for this camp. I request every reader here to help me raise some amount for the camp. Even if 200 of you donate a minimum sum of Rs 200, it will potentially raise Rs 40,000.
Here is a glimpse of what our colleagues at Hyderabad conducted.

I'm really excited about the dream camp and I really want to make this a reality for the 10 kids I teach. If you share my excitement and love for these kids then help me make a difference towards their lives. Donate by clicking Here

This, my friends, is a personal request.

P.S: If you have donated, please leave a comment and mention your email id and your city. For eg:

P.P.S: About Make A Difference
MAD is one of India's largest youth volunteer networks. They empower children living in orphanages for employment by teaching them English and organising career awareness field trips. Today, they teach around 3500 children and have deployed more than a 1000 trained, young teachers to orphanages and street shelters across 19 cities in India!

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