The Lover.

Posted by - Rohit
I wake up with heavy eyes, my body filled with guilt.
I look deep into myself, I understand, I've surrendered myself again.
I walk with my conscience nagging me to death.
Realised I failed to love myself again.

The day shines on me, and I don't look at myself anymore.
I close my eyes, I reach out for you.
My love so strong for you that I don't see anything. source of pleasure, relief, love, solace, happiness.

All the while. All around me.
Voids get bigger, but you fill them everytime.
Call me addicted,
I'll call myself a lover.
Unconditional it is, repercussions...inescapable.

Pleasure takes over fear.

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  1. Rohit, my brother, my friend you must write more of such pieces. This is a flawless arrangement of words.

    "Call me addicted,
    I'll call myself a lover"

    This couplet is incredibly relevant to millions, as is the whole poem.

    Loved this Rohit.

    1. Anupam!!! Thanks a ton man. It feels great to receive such words of appreciation from you. Thank you for your incessant encouragement.

  2. Dude, one of your earliest pieces is also actually one of your best. Especially the first para; it is flawless. Conscience nagging because you failed to love yourself! I nearly had an intellectual orgasm :-P

  3. Mesmerizing!
    How often does it happen that you find the words for the feeling u carry everyday!
    happend to me today..:)