My Rain forest.

Posted by - Rohit
I'm currently associated with a Social Organisation named MAD which cater to underprivileged kids. During one of those teaching sessions taken up by my fellow MADsters one of the students came up with absolute brilliance to create his own wonder world with his simple imagination.
The piece by this little 13 year old is about an imaginary rain forest, where in one of the pines was apparently created by his friend Vishal. Read on...

Here you go - A poem on Rain forests by Aniket 'Jordan' Jadhav.

"I am in the jungle
watching my friend dinosaurs uncle.
Why are you so huge and wide?
Because you take animals and make it fried.
To eat there are trees like Wollemi Pines
Who invented Wollemi Pines?
I am so fine!
There is one more tree whose name is Bristlecone pine,
Vishal invented it because he is so kind.
There are animals in the forest tiger, cheetah etc
Imagine there is a man called Mandera .:P
There are lakes rivers and ponds.
However they are nice but they are life for plants.
This is my rainforest.It gives us more gain,
when it rain.
But every body like the rain because it is so cool and friend.
This is what my imaginary jungle.
It is nice, humble."

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  1. wonderful poem - nice imagination and use of words...
    little bit more maturity and this guy Aniket 'Jordan' Jadhav might create similar magic as you do

  2. :D The guy can become the next "50 Cent"