What's in a name?

Posted by - Rohit

There has been quite a lot of talk about the uniqueness that couples itself along with Malayalee names. Most of them comprehend our names as senseless and laugh at this enviable novelty. So, for the majority who think that our names are nothing but sounds and that it has no meaning, here is a lowdown on some of the complex rules that goes into creating a marvel...also known as a Malayalee name.

Your name should always remind you of your creator.
Jomini Jose one of my finest friends is entitled to this name which absolutely means nothing, but his name is an amalgamation of those two individuals who created him, those two individuals who created one of those many unique Malayalee beings on earth. Jose and Ambini => Jomini. Similarly, Shreekumar and Geeta => Sreeta. Sulekha and Chandran => Surendran. This practice only inculcates values and culture within us as we willingly imbibe it to respect those who placed a soul within us. (Plus, Jomini Jose has a very cool pet name...JoJo...cool, no?)

You should be found instantly on Google.
Do you think you have a name that you share with every third person in this world? Well we don't. Who would have ever thought of easy access to specific beings in this big world filled with similar identity? Who would have ever thought of ways to keep your identity intact? Who would have ever thought that Google would be the new resume? Well, our ancestors did. Our name is a unique key, when searched gives you a unique value, which is us. You don't believe me do you? Google for Winster Thomas. Civil Engineer and my friend, Malayalee. He is right up there. And now try a Pradeep Singh or a Pradeep Patil or an Arpit Mehra. Ha! You will find a melee if nothing else.

Should have deeper meanings.
Our level of creativity is something most people can't comprehend as it trancends way above to a level far from their level of thinking and understanding. As I previously mentioned about our names being a fusion of individuals; it most of the times is also a rendition of respect, a truly complex theory and an abstract idea.
Siddhartha Within => Sidin.
Absolutely Sinless => Asin.
A future recruiter => Jobin.
The employable => Jobish.
The Braveheart => Sherin.
What do you do when you have too much garbage in your hands? => See bin => Sibin
The REM Fan => REM-yeah => Remya
A Son who loves Banjo => Sanjo.

We don't stress much. We believe in 'soft' endings.
Even though it's a no-brainer, let me tell you that we are innately very cool, inherently simple and indigenously level headed people (Ok, Sreesanth is an exception). And our names solely suggest that. My sisters are named Preethi and Deepthi and 'h' in both the cases provides the desired cushioning. So the names should now be read as 'Preedhi' and 'Deepdhi'. Isn't that better and effortless as compared to calling out to a 'Suthikshan', 'Kushagraha', 'Saptarishi' and all-those-names-that-existed-even-before-Mahabharatha-did.  You can call me 'Rohidh', and try doing it for some time. You'll rethink about pronouncing your names as well.

Challenge the dictionary.
Our names are inimitable, unimaginable, unthinkable, incomparable, indisputable and original. We are a few of those who create and don't imitate. Our names could be the one's which would live on for centuries as Mythology evolves simultaneously with Generations. Saaju and Lijo the mighty brothers who saved Praisy from the hands of the evil Boobikutty, Benji the Mundu GI, Swaghi the hapless abductee, etc. Moreover, you won't find our names in any Dictionary of this ordinarily usual planet. For example, when you are into a very general conversation with a friend and you tell him/ her - "You are so Lucky...I'm Happy for you", you would find at least 7 Punjabi heads roaring "Haanji" as 3 of them would have the name "Lucky", the other 3 would have the name "Happy" while the remaining one of them would be an overtly social Punjabi wanting to be 'Fraands' with you. This, right here my friends, is killing Novelty. We defy being common.

So rethink before you state any one of our names as nothing but pure sounds. It's more than that as it comes from the land of the complex crackerjacks and the abstract experts. So respect me as soon as I say "I have been named by a Malayalee".

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  1. When I googled Rohit Nair (the Malyalee You) here's what I got -

    About 1,750,000 results (0.16 seconds) :D

    But When I googled Rohidh Nair
    here's what I got -

    About 48 results (0.27 seconds)

    So next step to claim what's yours (as in Rockstar movie)-
    http://www.wikihow.com/Change-Your-Name -> Try considering this link! :D

  2. Rohit - brilliant !! REMya was superb ..

    1. :D Thanks a lot Sangeeta...thanks a ton :)

  3. What about Liji, Jiji, Sijo, Sojan, Boban.... we really are a weird lot aren't we? BTW its Jomini and not Jomino as mentioned in the first line. Nice one bro!

    1. Yes Deebu...when did Deepdhi become Deepti? Blasphemy!!

  4. Ha ha ha. HIlarious

    - Siddhartha Within

  5. Nice write-up, with good humor. but it seems you never bother to know about the Punjabi names. A much deeper philosophy is there behind them. Btw its really high time to rethink about changing your name... "Rohit" is trending on twitter :-P

    1. Well, Punjabi names eh? Deciphering these names was tough...but I can give Punjabi names a good thought too :-D Thanks though!