Posted by - Rohit

Only feathers when I saw your dark eyes.
Blinfolded by vanity,
You didn't see me breathe in life.
I saw what you did.
I wanted to fly, I had no wings,
you clawed me back.
I wish I could fly.

Your feathers though withering didn't care for mine.
Part of a play, I didn't want to be.
You commanded to stop, wrath soothed me.
A feeble voice never could overlay yours.
I wish I could fly.

Audiences galore, ridiculed every move.
They've heard me sing,
Every step in the sun, blew me to the dark
Every step in the dark, cast vivid light.
I quiver in silence.
Where do I fly?

I dig inside, I find none.
Fire within has no fury.
grit that doesn't match yours.
My strides fall short, don't live up to your steps.
The flock won't wait.

There's more to see,
I fly higher, my wings sinewy
Out of your sight.
A small dot, you still have me chained.
I cut my wings, I cut your chain,
I fly in peace.

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