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Posted by - Rohit

It's 8, wake, it's late, on the brush and paste, haste, to wake up at 8 is too much to take
Get wet, get set, get dressed, forget, regret, get upset,
It's 9, whine, no sleep divine, but act benign
To board a train, a pain, a bane, the crowd insane, inane
a journey, mundane

Shirt wrinkled, hair draggled, shoes mangled, head rattled, brains addled.
It's 11, reached slaves' haven, now a shaven pseudo maven,
Now work, overwork, rework, call your boss a jerk.
It's 3, work, overwork, rework, deal with you boss' smirk.
Now shirk.

It's 5, now revive, need caffeine to contrive, few hours to survive.
At 8, a reason to elate, to head abode a mandate, exhilarate, sufferings alleviate,
To board a train, a pain, a bane, the crowd insane, inane
a journey, mundane

The night stark dark, dogs come along for a lark, bark.
It's 10, in the den, a phenomenon, but the roar becomes a croak by then,
Look back at the day, is this where you fit, confusions hit, end of the tunnel isn't lit, a misfit, in deep shit

At 12, eyes no more delve, now teary, wierdly eerie, bleary.
An alarm you keep, to creep into your sleep, count the sheep, sleep deep,
It's wake up at 8 is too much to take.

P.S: If my bosses are reading this, this is just an exaggeration. I love my work and my bosses :D

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  1. superb Rohit! look forward to reading more of your blog. Cheers!

  2. didnt know so many rhyming words existed in english :) nice collection of words

    PS: nice poem.

  3. its really awesome ......... simply superb

  4. I can imagine couple of sysads playing hand clapping game to this ...
    Well written bro

  5. Awesome....bro should somehow upload his to the YouTube.

  6. Goood one rohit .. keep writin :)long way to go!!

  7. Shakespeare wud hve tears.... :P

  8. Awesome yaar, full too dhamaal likha hai...