One of you.

Posted by - Rohit

"Life on it's way being simple, being the way I wanted it to be. A family, meant to be together, friends who were your own, a soulmate to cry and smile with, I had a life, just as good as yours.
This is my story.

We would meet up at a common friend's place at times, discuss our days, our deep and darkest secrets, work and obvious gossip. These were the times I could always express myself and these were more like detox sessions, ever refreshing.
Often we surprised a friend, by smacking cake on his/her face and watch him/her grow with us for another year.

Times, when I would be mocked at, when I had the better of them, are still with me.
Our impromptu plans, our instant rides on roads unknown, our corny poses together in front of the camera, a smile that always came naturally and our unreasonable late night apetite, can only be remembered.

They were more than what I had asked for. I knew what they meant to me and what I still am for them. I had a life, just like you.

I had a father, who exemplified courage and resilience and a mother who taught me what it takes to love someone.
I miss those days when I whined to not eat her choice of food, just like any other kid, but she would always get her way just like any other mother, always. I miss her healing touch, when I came home crying out of pain and my father's words of hope, that subsided the agony.
The rushes of the Sunday morning mass with me half sleepy and uninterested. Their panic-striken faces with my utter disregard for books still cracks me up.

I could still hear my Mom shout to get my focus out of the Cricket match. I had parents, just like you do.

I had a confidante, a partner who would never want me to be vulnerable, someone who could help me maintain my sanity, a companion with whom I wished to live my life with. Our fights for the tiniest of reasons, your inevitable envy towards my friends that took our time together, the times you held my hands with both of yours, the days when you held me when I was shaken. I had it all, I could see ourselves together, just as you did.

I had a dream, to make it big, to give all those who made a difference in my being, something that makes a difference in their living, to help society bring up a change, I knew I could, as I had the zest, I had the heart to do what was right. I was ambitious just as you are.

And then, a point in life where I had choose between living it with utter self-concern or selflessness.

I did.

And I got stabbed as 30 others, kept watching me. My body, though almost lifeless, was being kicked repeatedly as everyone watched with eyes wide open.

I died, died proud as I was able to maintain a woman's sanctity, didn't let them harm it.
I left behind all that I wanted to be and do, all that I wanted to grow old for and I hope it's only worth it.

I could have been you. You could have been Keenan."

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  1. This is good my friend....good!

  2. Exemplary writing my Rohit.
    Who is Keenan?

  3. Keenan Santos was a guy who died as he fought eve teasers.

  4. nice..was in tears reading it.. RIP Keenan n Rueben

  5. Waiting for your next......great work bro........

  6. Thought provoking as well as a subtle but strong slap on the face of our cold blooded society RIP Keenan :(

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