Posted by - Rohit

This is for the Superstar of our lives. Love you Amma.

Your gentle pat when you made me sleep,
You brushed my hair as I touched your feet,
Your kiss on the forehead on the days I won,
You willingly clapped, when there were none
And days you hugged, saying how proud you were.
Your concerned words on days I felt larger.

The days you scolded and I shouted with you,
Words unworthy with vigor thrusted onto you,
When I made you cry and hopeless I deemed
The better within will rule, you still believed.

Times I would lie weak, and you would lie near me
Times you fell and it went unnoticed
Times you would limp and your eyes weary
Times you would say, "it's a matter of time, it won't persist"

You slept uneasy, just to hear a knock,
Your half closed eyes would let me in,
The dark is mightier, but you would still want to talk,
Mother, Look for yourself, it's time you begin.

For all that you are for all that you've been,
Could I ever, help you realise your dreams,
You made me capable, to stare at the sun,
Face a world that's not to shun,

Where do I take this guilt,
the day I see your ashes disappear in the wind.

Mother, let me take you with me for once,
Help us see your life that we buried,
Let me give you a moment without shackles of selflesness
For a moment, realize the girl who lost herself.

Mother, let's walk another mile,
Let's walk on a road you missed long back,
Don't fear of being a mere mortal,
Let's walk, let's recreate those tracks.

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  1. amazingly well written man....way to go...

  2. bhai.....our school should have changed the syllabus to include these classics that u wrote

  3. hahaha...siddhu. Thanks a ton man.

  4. superbbbbbb one .... very touchy. the most beautiful word in this world is mother... rilly nice

  5. Agree with siddhhu
    Awesomely written bhau..
    Reminded of few things which I neglected ...
    Thanks 4 writing :-)