Superficial Some.One (Ra.One review)

Posted by - Rohit

I just saw RaOne yesterday, was pretty gung ho to watch the first bollywood movie with world class SFX and as a result came out of the movie hall with utter disappointment along with a couple of friends (Malik and Pradeep) who had to suffer 153 minutes of SRK's larger than life portrayal.
If this is how an icon in the movie industry in India and accross the world chooses to "Take Indian Cinema Forward", then I would say it's a total sham and is just turning out to be a good businessman with extreme skills in Marketing but delivers an unbelievingly unworthy product.

This generation of Indian Cinema has seen a good rise in talent and ideas. We finally have stories that are just not mere mundane family drama, but stories that are and aren't just routine happenings. With directors like Bejoy Nambiar, Anurag Kashyap, Aamir Khan, Mani Ratnam, Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra and actors like Ranbir Kapoor, the guy who played "Chittiappa" in the Girl in Yellow Boots - Gulshan Devaiya, Rajeev Khandelwal, Kalki Koechlin, Mahie Gill, Randeep Hooda one feels that Indian Cinema is on it's way being "contemporary", but then this happens, Ra.One.

Ra.One is a story about 'God knows what'. A man named Shekhar Subramanium is desperately trying to be significant to his son and as a result shoots a very unreal and silly dialogue quoting "Beta aaj mein office jaake ek aisi game banaunga jisme villain hero se strong rahega". This is for a son who thinks villians are 'cool'. But hey, is this as simple as a "Hello Word" program, why do you make it sound like one?

Shah Rukh Khan in his role as Shekhar Subramanium displays why he is not as versatile. Not every South Indian starts with "Aiyyo amma" or an "Aiyyo appa", this is a horrendous stereotypical notion and a perfect example of bad knowledge. And what's with "Rascala"? Is it a defacto swear used by South Indians? Absolutely not. All this existed during the 70s and 80s when one wasn't so acquainted with South Indian movies. But why now?
Why SRK saab do you have to be so stereotypical?

Ra.One comes out of the game because the inculcated intelligence within him proves to be more than the one within the creators of the game!! WHAT?
He comes out from the virtual world to the real one with a G-I JOE borrwed suit and Iron Man's little toy that he plugs in his chest.

The movie confuses the audience with it's untimely sensibility. At some instances it shows a South Indian Shahrukh dressed like MJ shouting out verses of the Gita, the next moment shaking his hips on Akon's tunes and the very next moment dies for his Son. Are we supposed to feel bad for this. This is the mantra SRK has used for the second time in a home production, he tries to make an emotional space into the audiences' hearts and then suddenly kills himself. It worked in Om Shanti Om, but this time I seriously thought he should have been dead long ago.
G.One also comes out of the game to save the boy (So unpredictable isn't it). G.One now fills the void supposedly created by the curly haired SRK. Or does he. G.One now fights with the bad guys right from the onset, and then you see Rajnikanth. He is noted as Chitti by G.One whereas Kareena calls him Rajni Sir, didn't understand why. Why was he required?

SRK's portrayal as G.One is again TYPICAL. G.One is also made out of Artificial Intelligence and is definitely not made out of nuts and bolts and wires. So why the hell do you have to speak like a Robot. You aren't one. You just missed the plot. Ra.One has the world of emotions within him why elude G.One from it?
He speaks like a Robot, has sparks coming out of his body. Blue Blood? WHY!! WHY SO TYPICAL.
G.One has batteries for breakfast, eats chips (electronic ones) too. Isn't this idea of a Robot having batteries so unique or did I first see this in the early 90s in a show called Small Wonder??

The movie has amazing SFX, wonderfully executed but they are just not ORIGINAL in any sense. Ra.One shows that he has it all, every bad guy's trait. He builds up from dust just like Dwayne Johnson in the Mummy, changes form just Robert Patrick from Judgement Day.
Whereas G.One has it all too, all the superhero traits!! He has a G-I Joe suit, an Iron Man Heart, he stops the train like Hancock and as people start noting him he flees away just like him, has Superman's wrinkleless face and in the beginning you have a Bat Mobile with a Honda Dio headlight. Man! you have it all.

After watching the movie, you can easily see SRK has taken himself too seriously, you can see SRK in G.One which is not how it should be. Someone who has so much respect in the industry, someone who people look upon for better things can't act so irresponsibly in a self glorifying movie. You suddenly feel that people like Aamir Khan deserve more respect for the newness they try to bring to Indian Cinema. Have a look at his line of productions and compare it with those to SRKs.
Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par, Dhobi Ghat, Peepli Live, Delhi Belly as compared to Baadshah, Om Shanti Om, Ra.One and of late there was a teenage drama named Always Kabhi Kabhi.

SRK saab, your movie was definitely about you, you sold it, you nailed it right as you forcefully put it into our minds. But I believe we deserved better for the amount of hype and expectations you inculcated into our minds.
This movie could have been an inspiration as you chose an inspirational name to set first your first bricks.
Had you delved a lot more deeper and not taken yourself too seriously, you could have done a far better job.
Our History, Mythology is so strong that any random page from our old books could have fetched you a far better story with a lot more sensibility, values and meaning, but you chose a flawed script and just a name, maybe because it only sounded Indian but had no background to it.
The audiences need to evolve in their taste to good movies, you can't keep them stagnated with an Om Shanti Om meets Iron Man movie, and a storyline which has no description.
With the amount of power and fame you have on your side, you could do wonders towards the evolution of Indian Cinema, but you chose to make more money and business and chose to give yourself more importance than some of your fans wanting to have a sensible entertainer from you.

Ra.One is similar to having Noodles with curd, curd being the script and noodles, the SFX. They just didn't go down well together.

P.S: I would want to say that I respect Shah Rukh Khan for the kind of person he is and the immense amount of humility he has. That's about it.

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  1. u seem to know ur movies quite well..
    great sarcasm, some really funny gems ("Bat Mobile with a Honda Dio headlight", i still can't get over laughing on that one!).. very nice review.