The Special One

Posted by - Rohit
This poetry "The Special One" is dedicated to children with disabilities. I believe more than anything now all they need is a caring human touch  and not mere sympathy. It's about their fight more than what they feel. And they indeed are special for the courage they display. So here goes...

I walked across a crowded lane,
Gathering eyes that ceased to blink
Failed to understand your presents of sympathy,
and the heads that didn't seem to shrink.

Don't look at me with pain,
As none of it I feel,
This life's full of courage and hope,
as I strive and learn the nuances of human beings.

Change may evade me,
and I grow with every step of patience galore,
Indifferent it doesn't make me,
Instead, a lesson to persevere with a smile,
I put in the fore.

So turn back and blink and look deep within,
Think of this face, when a life you want to leave and shun.
Now I transcend among all you living,
There's a reason...a reason they call me the special one.